SCC Offices

Artistic direction and creation of the new visual identity of the SCC offices located in the business center La Boursidière in Paris. Shopping Center Company is one of the international leaders in commercial real estate. Work in collaboration with Brainjuice Studio based in Brussels.

Photo © Maxime Taillez

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Ecco Freddo

Ecco Freddo is a family of modular items, which encourage us to consider our conservation and consumption habits in relation to day-to-day foods. This series of items includes an enclosed container of the « chilled dessert » type for leaf vegetables, another with sand to conserve root vegetables and a humidified fruit cutter. Their double walls and the fact that each item is watered every day provides improved conservation for fruit and vegetables.

Additionally, the modules can be adapted to a conventional kitchen and enable the consumer to adopt an environmentally friendly attitude with the goal of using the refrigerator less frequently. Each of these modules operates independently of the others and requires no energy. These three containers may also be used as aids in awareness-building workshops working with children and adults, when discussing issues related to the storage and cooking of foods. Project in collaboration with Anna Cellemare, Maria Guetti & Hadrien Cathelineau (Food design), Joé Weissen & Hugo Fabri (Graphic Design) and Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte (Object design) during a residency at MAD Brussels.

eccofreddo-une eccofreddo-back ecco-freddo-logotype fanzine-ecco-freddo fanzine-ecco-freddo-presentation mode-d'emploi-ecco-freddo fanzine-ecco-freddo-mode-d'emploi fanzine-ecco-freddo-mode-d'emploi# ecco-freddo-workshop1 ecco-freddo-table-presentation ecco-freddo-table ecco-freddo-table1 ecco-freddo-table2 ecco-freddo-table3 ecco-freddo-table5 ecco-freddo-table4


&joy is a premium app that allows people to access ski lifts easily & faster than the regular way, in the Serre-Chevalier ski resort. In charge for the visual identity (logotype, pattern, user manual, flyer, newsletter, signage, ski terminal). Work in collaboration with Brainjuice Studio.

flyer-scv-enjoy enjoy-flyer-scv enjoy-back logo-enjoy user-guide-scv-enjoy brochure-scv-enjoy-schema brochure-scv-enjoy-intro enjoy-map-brochure brochre-enjoy-scv-faq scv-enjoy-signage scv-signage-enjoy


Jean-Jacques is a playful and interactive object for the diffusion and the contemplation of sound paintings of Brussels and his residents. Jean-Jacques is an enigmatic objet which brings the sound on a pedestal. It is use to propagate the sounds recordings from the data base of the BNA-BBOT organization. (Association focuses, since 1999, on the memory of the city), it’s random principe converts it’s environmental space into a sound museum. Winner Competitive exam design object BNA/BBOT.–2?ref=search

Jeanlogook Jean_jacques_miseensitu Jean_jacques_miseensitu2 jean-jack-gify Jean_jacques_web_Schema10 carte-de-visite-jean-jacques carte-de-visite-jean-jacques3 JJGIF0